1. BE OVER 21! We screen every member request. Anyone underage will be blocked, along with the person who invited them. Do not ruin the fun for everyone.
  2. BE KIND! Please keep this an upbeat, positive group. Let spread some joy and happiness. 
  3. Respect Everyone’s Privacy
  4. Respect Social Distancing! Please stop the spread… social distancing applies. Keep drop offs as zero contact as possible. ♡ Wash your hands 😉
  5. If wined, wine someone else! If you get a wine delivery at your door, please try to reciprocate with another member in the group. A little delivery does wonders for morale during this weird time. Make someone’s day!
  1. DO NOT publish your address ANYWHERE on the Facebook page unless one of the admins requests. NEVER EVER POST YOUR ADDRESS ON OTHER THREADS! EVER. PERIOD!
  3. DO NOT SOLICIT! You are not allowed to solicit merchandise for sale or promote your business in this group! EVER! We have selected a few women to sell The Sisterhood of the Traveling Wine Official Swag and that is the only merchandise allowed to be posted in the group.
  4. DO NOT post links to other groups!
  5. DO NOT post amazon wishlists! – You must post on the address intake form!
  6. DO NOT ask others in group to drop addresses!
  7. DO NOT invite anyone under 21 years old!
  8. DO NOT post something to spark negative reactions!
  9. DO NOT put your business cards in your fairy delivery!
  10. DO NOT friend request members if you do not personally know them!  We have had a number of people sending friend requests to members in order to promote their FB groups or business and this is NOT allowed.