The Sisterhood of the Traveling Wine group idea originally began in Brockport NY near my hometown of Pembroke NY just after the quarantine began back in March 2020.  A woman named Karoline Pratt was inspired by a meme she saw and decided to gift a bottle of wine to her best friend by dropping it off anonymously on her doorstep. Shortly after, Karoline and a small group of her girlfriends thought it would be a fun idea to start a group of women whose purpose was to uplift and spread happiness to each other during the difficult times of being quarantined. They formed the Sisterhood of the Traveling Wine Brockport and Surrounding Areas Facebook group.  The group grew very quickly and branched off into smaller groups in the Western NY area.  Many of my friends and family were part of the fun and I joined the Facebook group to see what the hype was all about!  My timeline was flooded with happy posts of all these ladies and what they were doing to spread joy and cheer to one another.  Even though I was not able to partake in the adult version of ding dong ditch with them, I was able to have a happy and full heart seeing the pictures and posts. My own mental health improved just by observing these small acts of kindness this group was inspiring women to do!

A friend of mine at work asked if my hometown had wine delivery service and I said no but they do have fairies and explained all about the group to which she replied, WE NEED THAT HERE!  I thought on it for about 24 hours and decided I was going to start the NC Chapter and Sisterhood of the Traveling Wines North Carolina was born!  Originally, I began the group specifically for Raleigh/Durham area and within 48 hours we launched across North Carolina.  We had a lot of requests to add South Carolina but weren’t quite ready.  We re-organized a few things within the group and in the beginning of June we added South Carolina and became Sisterhood of the Traveling Wine Carolinas.

The main purpose and mission of this group is random act of kindness and the spread of cheer to strangers and friends alike AND EXPECTING ABSOLUTELY NOTHING IN RETURN! If you are gifted a bottle of wine or anything else that is just a bonus of being a part of this group. This group is about paying it forward more so than receiving a ‘free-bee’. The act of giving is an amazingly powerful uplifting feeling that is contagious and desperately needed during this time.

Thank you and I am so excited and hopeful that you want to join our mission and start spreading the love! Fairy on!


#dontbeshitty #bekindalways #spreadcheer